The LS-BOXX® is the logical and sensible extension of the L-BOXX® system when even faster access to consumables and accessories is called for.

It represents a combination of an L-BOXX® 136 and front facing drawer slots that are freely accessible at any time.

i-BOXX®es or drawers can be inserted into these, as required. For example, this facilitates transporting Power tools and matching accessories in a single compact unit.

Making things even more accessible!!


Upper section: matches all L-BOXX® 136 accessories

Front drawers for fast access, at any time - even when clicked in place

Drawer slots can be optionally equipped with i-BOXX®es or drawers. Drawers and i-BOXX®es engage and disengage automatically and are secured from falling out during transport.

Fully compatible and clickable with the standard L-BOXX®es

  Configuration options

LS-BOXX® 306

incl. 2 i-BOXX®es 72


LS-BOXX® 306

incl. i-BOXX® 72 +
drawer 72


LS-BOXX® 306

incl. i-BOXX® 53 +
drawer 92


LS-BOXX® 306

incl. 2 drawers 72


LS-BOXX® 306

incl. i-BOXX®es 53 + 72


With the help of the i-BOXX®es and drawers
the LS-BOXX® can be configured to your specific needs.

Example of use: