L-BOXX® Mini - The system idea in small format

The L-BOXX® Mini is the compact and cost-saving packaging alternative for smallest assortments up to 1.5 kg. Through its individually configurable partitioning which is flush with the lid, the BOXX can be adjusted easily and fast to varying contents.

Same like the big L-BOXXes the click system of the L-BOXX Mini is based on spring loaded levers. For time saving and effortless transport the BOXXes can be stacked and clicked together.

The optional transparent lid assures you´ll never lose survey of level and content in the L-BOXX® Mini - even without opening the lid.

Not only screws, rivets and co. are stored well in L-BOXX® mini. The BOXX is made of food grade material and hence is also excellently suited as a lunchbox for the well-deserved lunch-break!

Thus, the L-BOXX® Mini becomes the perfect companion for the craftsman and a popular advertising medium.


Lid optionally in a colored or transparent version

Loading capacity up to 1.5 kg

Exterior dimensions in inset boxes grid:  
(WxLxH) 260 x 156 x 63 mm

Food-safe material

Polished surface for the attachment of labels

Several L-BOXX® Mini can be interconnected

The individual distinguishable partitioning is flush with the lid


The L-BOXX® Mini is "L-BOXX®-ready"

L-BOXX®-ready means that its size corresponds to a multiple of the small red inset box and thus it seamlessly integrates into the L-BOXX® grid dimensions.

As a result, it perfectly fits in the L-BOXX®, the i-BOXX® 72 or the drawer LS-T 72 and can be combined with the remaining inset boxes. 


It even perfectly integrates into the Sortimo vehicle interior and e.g. can be directly stored in the shelf drawers.