The i-BOXX® is a bulk parts case with a transparent polycarbonate
lid that provides a fast overview of its contents at a glance. It is available in two sizes with matching inset boxes for detailed sorting and can take a load of up to 5 kilogram.

Because of its low weight, numerous partitioning options and its flexible uses, the i-BOXX® becomes a mobile storage system with guaranteed order for all kinds of bulk materials and accessories.

The wall mount keeps the i-BOXX® properly organized and securely stowed in the vehicle.

The i-BOXX® can be conveniently carried by itself using the integrated handle, or inserted and removed from the LS-BOXX® and the i-BOXX® Rack.


show me the LS-BOXX®

show me the i-BOXX® Rack


Transparent lid for a quick overview

Optionally useable with inset boxes or standard deep-drawn parts

Labelling field on the front handle

On the bottom are adapters for the fixation in the i-BOXX® wall bracket

Lateral guide rail for the attachment and fastening in the LS-BOXX® ODER i-BOXX® Rack

and drawers


i-BOXX® 53

Dimension (W x D x H):
367 x 315,8 x 54 mm
0.8 kg (empty)


i-BOXX® 72

Dimensions (W x D x H):
367 x 316 x 72 mm
0.9 kg (empty)


Drawer 72

Dimensions (W x D x H):
367 x 316 x 72 mm
0.6 kg


Drawer 92

Dimensions (W x D x H):
367 x 316 x 92 mm
0.6 kg

The interior space of the drawer 72 corresponds to that
of the i-BOXX® 72. It can therefore also be equipped with
inset boxes for detailed sorting.

The drawer 92 is extra large with
lots of space for larger parts.

Order on the go:

Hand tools or bulk materials are well stored in the i-BOXX and do not mix.
With the i-BOXX wall mount the BOXX is safely secured in the vehicle even when driving.